Shaylyn interviews Dawn Gray

If I could I would freeze time
And live, and work in this room
I would keep all these people here with me
Till we all got too tired of each other to keep on
And we’d continue searching and finding new stories
Making new memories and honing our craft
Where most of us are people of color,
Women of color,
Queer people and allies,
Working separately but closely together
Juggling, cheering and laughing,
Where each of us has our part to play
Our passions carving out the pieces
Of a puzzle made for all to enjoy.

It’s a bittersweet ending,
For I am so grateful for the opportunities
But I also know,
There may never be another room like this
Filled with bubbles and balloons
And light filtered through the circular garden
Morning coffee amongst the bee hives
And fresh kiwis on the vine
But alas, real life looms
Outside our fluorescent room
For us mentees and mentors
And our daily routines, our responsibilities
Must be tended to
Much like the garden we met in.

As we left our interview
Dawn smiled and told me,
“If you had shown up with four men
I wouldn’t have let you in.”
And it wasn’t til that moment, I realized
Just how influential we could be
Yoon, Dai, Jimenez and me,
Four women of color,
Carrying all sorts of alien equipment
Whom Dawn could trust with her life story
I felt confident, secure and excited
And I beamed with pride.
“We understand,” I said.
“This is why we are here.”